Some of the best AAC block manufacturers in India

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aac blocks in delhi

Autoclaved aerated concrete is a lightweight and durable construction material that finds extensive uses across the construction industry. The best manufacturers for AAC blocks in India offer high-quality blocks with superior sound, heat insulation, and fire resistance. Such blocks offer exceptional long-term protection against pests as well. Owing to the outstanding strength of compression, most builders prefer it to traditional red bricks across current projects. Here we will talk a little about the best AAC blocks company in India.

Aerocon blocks

Aerocon is one of the premium AAC blocks manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh. The company provides AAC block manufacturing that conforms with ISI 2185, part-3, while still being quality-oriented. The company has numerous facilities across Golan, Chennai, Jhajjar, and Hyderabad. The AAC they manufacture use ash, lime, cement, and aeration agent such as Gypsum.

Siporex blocks

Siporex AAC blocks offer all the natural properties of a durable block and a pre-cast building material. These blocks are leveraging highly across structures in the country, with their high thermal insulation and resistance to heat. A Siporex block is usually lighter than average AAC blocks and provides better sound isolation for any structure. Buyers can avail themselves of Siporex blocks by engaging with their online portals or contacting suppliers directly. Siporex is a member of the Indian Green Building Council, and its building materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Biltech AAC blocks

Bilitech is an Avantha group company known as one of the best AAC blocks company in India. Their company contains a significant manufacturing capability, summing up to 134000 cum a year and producing AAC block, as we know them. Their blocks are also incredibly lightweight, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient for your home or office. The Bitech AAC block is handy across malls, schools, buildings, and commercial complexes. The biggest strength of Biltech is their variability in products fitting low-budget audiences as well.

JK Lakshmi AAC blocks

JK is one of India’s largest AAC blocks manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, and they have a wide variety of distribution networks all around this country. Their blocks are also performing very well across iconic landmarks worldwide because of their superior compression strength. The blocks also provide exceptional productivity and durability through international protocols and technologies. In addition, JK Lakshmi has their smartblox product range, which they develop using advanced German technology and innovative horizontal autoclaving processes.

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