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AAC Products

AACs or Autoclaved aerated concrete are lightweight and foam concrete building materials. This type of concrete was being used from around 800 years ago. They are eco-friendly and produce less waste. They also have a high insulating property against heat and sound. Here, in this article, you will know about the Products and production of the AAC blocks and the suppliers in Delhi.

List of different products-

Many companies in Delhi have been producing AAC blocks for a long period of time. The AAC is used for producing different products for house building and for other construction works. Its Products includes

HD AAC Blocks

HD AAC blocks are stronger and lightweight, which makes them a better substitute for conventional bricks. They are twice more powerful than the AAC Blocks.


AAC blocks PLUS are a very high heat barrier. If you want to use AAC with high thermal insulation, then you should use AAC blocks PLUS. They are about ten times better than the conventional red bricks and three times better than the Normal AAC Blocks.

AAC Bond (Readymade Mortar)

The Readymade Mortar is a premixed mortar. It doesn’t require adding water to it to cure post-installation. The Readymade Mortar of AAC has more split strength and shear strength than normal cement mortar.

AAC Bond (Tile Adhesive)

These tiles Adhesive compounds are premixed to improve shock and impact resistance, it can withstand higher thermal stresses in comparison to other adhesives. They can be applied easily and quickly and are economically viable. 

AAC Bond (Wall Putty)

It ensures the fishing of the wall and is used for layering up the uneven wall surface. It is a protective layer for wall paint and ceiling. It is widely used for bonding perfectly with the base due to its adhesive properties.

AAC Bond (Ready Mix Plaster)

These bonds are made by blending cement and some other additives. They are mostly preferred for quick applications. It doesn’t require water for curing.

AAC Bond (Fiber reinforced Plaster)

These reinforced plasters are used to prevent the surface from the cracks caused by thermal variation.

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