ModPlast – 

Fibre Reinforced


ModPlast – Fibre Reinforced Plaster

Fibre Reinforcement provide secondary three dimensional reinforcement to the plaster which helps in preventing thermal cracks.

ReadyMix plaster is applied to interiors and exteriors on the masonry for smooth surface to protect against weathering, water, cracks, and to enhance durability of the building. ReadyMix plaster has been formulated after repeated trials and tests to achieve maximum efficiency and durability. The workability of the readymade plaster has been much higher than the site mix plasters. A few additives and chemicals have been added in the right proportion to enhance the strength and adhesion to the masonry.

This readymade plaster reduces the risk of site errors and provide a uniform formulae for the application of whole project. We offer a consistent quality, batch after batch, assuring right smoothness, durability, hardness, adhesion, and surface quality. With no impurities, this substrate offers much better solution to plaster. This saves time, water and energy.


  • Highly durable
  • Cost effective
  • Smooth finish
  • Lesser consumption
  • Better adhesion with wall
  • Less curing time
  • Less water consumption
  • Consistent Quality

Package40 Kgs bag

Shelf Life6 months from the date of manufacturing in a sealed condition, provided stored in dry condition.

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PackagingBag of 40kg
DensityApprox. 1.7 kg/litre
Water Needed200-250 mL/kg
Minimum layer thickness9 mm
Material Consumption on AAC Block(10-12 mm thickness)17 - 19 sq. ft, per 40kg bag
Material Consumption on Clay Brick(10-12 mm thickness)14 - 15 sq. ft, per 40kg bag
Material Consumption on AAC Block (25 mm thickness)10 - 11 sq. ft, per 40kg bag
Material Consumption on Clay Brick (25 mm thickness)6 - 7 sq. ft, per 40kg bag
Material Consumption on RCC(10-12 mm thickness)20 - 25 sq. ft, per 40kg bag

(All figures above are tentative and based on experience)

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