Modcrete AAC Panels

Fast Installation

ModCrete panels are faster to construct and require
significantly less labour compared to traditional masonry construction techniques leading to substantial savings in site costs. Building with ModCrete also means a cleaner, safer work area during construction and less clean up at completion of building.

Fire Resistance

ModCrete panel has excellent fire ratings properties, also can be installed faster than traditional fire walls, and provides greater fire protection while saving
resources. ModCrete AAC is not only non-combustible; it heats up significantly less and more slowly than other materials

Green Design

ModCrete AAC panel does not emit gasses or particles that contribute to indoor air pollution and it is completely recyclable. ModCrete AAC panels do not degrade with time, resulting in superior properties compared to other construction materials. ModCrete does not have any toxic substances not emit odors

Light Weight

ModCrete panels haveModCrete AAC pieces result in smooth
lighter loads on the structure which will reduce slabs, columns and footings.ModCrete AAC is up to 4 times lighter than traditional concrete representing great
advantage in materials handling and transportation

Higher Strength

High Strength: Being a lightweight concrete reinforced with steel, ModCrete panels pass the critical “Knock Test” for consumers. As strong and tough as bricks – independent tests show that a rendered ModCrete panel has comparable impact resistance to brick. The thin bed mortar applied between ModCrete panels works like an adhesive creating a bond between units that is stronger than the material alone.

Thermal Insulation

ModCrete’s unique AAC construction provides superior insulation qualities for a masonry product. The unique combination of thermal insulation along with thermal mass, makes building with ModCrete a
smart choice for meeting stringent building regulations. For unit and home owners, the
thermal efficiencies of ModCrete reduces the reliance on heating and cooling appliances –
the combined effects of using a heater less in winter and fans or air conditioning less in summer and warmer months, can have a big impact on energy savings.

Acoustic Performance

ModCrete AAC panel’s high surface mass dampens mechanical vibration energy; it functions as a sound insulation and absorption barrier to deliver quieter buildings. Once finished with other traditional constructions materials, such as stucco, plaster, brick and drywall, ModCrete panel can meet industry sound insulation standards

Termite & Insect Resistant

Solid wall construction and finishes which bond to the wall have no cavities for insects, termites or rodents to dwell in. This also eliminates entry points. Termites and ants do not eat or nest in AAC. Cannot be penetrated by termites or insects. Reduces need for pest control. Offers maximum protection against damage.


Exact dimensions of Lightweight: ModCrete panels have ModCrete AAC pieces result in smooth walls with a perfect contact among the different elements, enabling the builders to save in finishes and achieve optimal structural performances. Dimension tolerances are +/- 2mm in panel length.

Sound Proof

AAC walls have an excellent sound transmission class (STC) rating of 44. Which results to virtually soundproof interiors, which in turn provides Excellent Acoustic Performance.


Corrosion protected steel-reinforced AAC panels provide a high degree of strength, durability and security.

Cost Effective

Faster of installation and reduced structural sizes mean cost savings compared to traditional masonry construction. 

ModCrete AAC Panels

ModCrete AAC Panels are lightweight, steel-reinforced autoclave aerated concrete wall panels. Ideal for both external and internal non load bearing wall, these panels are best suited to today’s design challenges for increased energy efficiency, fire safety, sound transmission, insulating properties as well as increased earthquake safety.

The Panels weigh ~1/5 of the concrete panel and can easily be installed by on-site installers.

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Density Oven Dry550-650 kg/m3
Compressive strength4N/mm2 (MPa)
Shear Strength0.6 N/m2
Modulus of Elasticity2040 Mpa
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8.1 x 10^(-6)*K^(-1)
Water Absorption 8%
Thermal Conductivity 0.16 w/m^(0)K
Thermal resistance 0.46 m2 - 0k/w
Drying Shrinkage 0.04%
Fire resistance 4 Hrs (for 200 mm wall)
Sound Transmission class rating 44db for 200 mm wall

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