Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks: what is it?

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Aerated concrete is classified as a type of lightweight concrete than a solid concrete block. The cellular concrete production process involves mixing water, lime, cement and powdered aluminum, which may contain the addition of foam in the mixture of water and cement. Furthermore, it may contain sand or other aggregates in its composition. Autoclaved or cellular concrete has an aerated composition (it has small air chambers inside). To achieve this effect, foam or an expanding agent is injected into the concrete. This process has great precision.

The use of cellular concrete

Aerated concrete can be used to seal openings, fill ribbed slabs, can be used in conjunction with steel in walls and slabs. It can also be used on stairs, floors and sub-floors, fire walls, etc. In addition, as they have small air chambers, they can be used as part of a thermal or acoustic insulation system. Regarding manufacturing, the material can be manufactured on site. Or, you can buy them directly from the best AAC blocks manufacturers in Noida at affordable prices.

What are the advantages?

Acoustic performance: the porosity of the material provides good acoustic performance to buildings.

Thermal performance: the porosity of the material ensures good temperature control of buildings.

Lightness: cellular concrete can be up to 60% lighter than traditional concrete, but with similar strength. This significant reduction in weight ends up reducing the costs with foundation and time of execution of the work.

Productivity: lightness improves issues such as logistics and handling of cellular concrete blocks on the construction site, increasing the productivity of the teams.

Long service life: the material is resistant to chemical agents, moisture, fungi, etc. It also has greater fire resistance. These attributes contribute to a longer useful life of this material.

So, now that you know what AAC blocks are and the benefits, it is highly recommended that you only trust professional AAC blocks manufacturers in Faridabad when it comes to relying on genuine material.

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