How to choose best AAC manufacturers company in the local area

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Blog Feb 2021

AAC blocks are the material of choice for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural construction, hotels, school and hospitals, etc. – an outstanding structure material for all climatic circumstances. It is used for all walls, internal or external, load-bearing or non-load-bearing, base walls, infill walls of structures or frames, party walls, firewalls, etc. AAC blocks are a high-quality construction material, light, load-bearing and extremely insulating mostly used by AAC blocks manufacturers in Faridabad. It is produced in standard blocks, mega-blocks or panels.

AAC blocks has already been used successfully in Europe since the beginning of the last century, and it is now among the most used wall building materials in Europe with the rapid growth of its market shares in many countries, especially in Asia, in America and the CIS.

AAC blocks and Panels

AAC blocks provide cost optimization for builders and homeowners: great savings – provides better comfort and functionality large size – lightweight easy to implement perfect thermal insulation. 6 to 10 times greater than that of ordinary concrete = economizer in heating and air conditioning.

A variety of positive characteristics:

Sound absorption: ideal for hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and timeshares Good resistance to fire, cyclones and earthquakes: preserves lives, property and saves insurance costs. Because of this these blocks are first choice of AAC blocks manufacturers in Noida.

High durability: rot-proof, resistant to rodents, already used for more than 80 years. Very high load resistance – the material of choice for all walls: exterior and interior, load-bearing and non-load-bearing, base walls, fire barriers, etc. Environmentally friendly: non-toxic, zero waste.

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