Why choose aerated concrete in construction materials?

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Aerated concrete is one of the best construction materials on the market. It is an economical and very feasible option for any work, especially for buildings and houses.

The many advantages and benefits of this material make it ideal for the construction of any structure.

For this concrete, it is unnecessary to make interior insulation to complement it since its structure is made up of thousands of air microcells, which give it its characteristic of thermal insulation. Builders prefer this concrete for this insulation, which is also known as split insulation.

Thanks to this property, this material prevents heat loss, functioning as a container for heat in winter. As a barrier to it in summer, it is an excellent air conditioner.

This concrete has the particularity of being an element that breathes. It lets through the water vapor produced by daily tasks and by the occupants of the house. This is vital to prevent damage from moisture and condensation, such as fungus.

Another very important advantage is that this material is classified as class A1 according to its fire behavior. This means that it is resistant to fire and completely hermetic to toxic gases and smoke. If a fire occurs, a concrete wall has a fire-resistant property of about six hours. The aac blocks manufacturers in Noida provides one of the best acc blocks in marketing.

The material can be placed quickly and easily due to the assembly of its blocks with mortar. Likewise, the blocks’ shape and lightweight allows the work to be very effective and with high performance.

Properties of foam concrete

Dead load reduction: The use of aerated concrete in any work, loads with lighter weight can be observed; this is very important in sites of high seismic risk. When a seismic event occurs, the walls that fracture and fall will not cause serious damage like other more traditional materials.

 Due to its low level of density and low weight, the handling of aerated concrete is very simple, including its transport, organization, and placement. All this makes the construction execution time not very long.

The insulating property of a material depends on the amount of air in it, as long as the air is captured in cells of reduced volume.

The ready-made mortar in Noida comprises millions of micropores of air closed and homogeneously distributed, reaching up to 80% of the total volume. It is, therefore, not surprising that the Ytong brand is associated with an insulating material.

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